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Climate Change and Mosquitoes at Wooster Middle School

Student(s):S Tripodi, M Peterson, B Libowitz, P Lindsey, K Navarro, A Ruiz, M Murray, S Detuzzi, R Glaudin, T Pagan, N Anderson, E Miller, O Grant, M Lin, I Moshier
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Educator(s):Christopher Newlan, Jennifer Cline
Contributors:John Killian
Report Type(s):
Date Submitted:06/26/2013
The purpose of this experiment was to test the relationship between climate change and diseases carried by mosquitoes. Students from Wooster Middle School (WMS) monitored weather using GLOBE Atmosphere protocols and Pond/Stream Conditions using GLOBE Hydrology protocols. We then did independent experiments using mosquito eggs/larvae to better understand how factors like temperature, pH, larval concentration, light and water type affected mosquito hatching and growth. Our results were very inconclusive due to limitations in sampling and errors in the mosquito growth chambers.