Freshwater Supply to the Crenshaw Habitat

Grade Level:Upper Primary (grades 3-5, ages 8-11)
GLOBE Teacher(s):
Report Type(s):Standard Research Report
Date Submitted:05/11/2012

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Crenshaw School, an Environmental Themed School on the Bolivar Peninsula has a 33 acre U.S. Fish and Wildlife designated Habitat adjacent to our campus. We are a coastal, storm prone area. Ike devastated our Peninsula and changed our weather. We at Crenshaw, a Pk-9th grade campus of 120 students, want to document the recovery and risks to our Habitat area. We became a G.L.O.B.E. Project School in order to learn how to gather data for our Habitat. Our first project was to upload a land sample from the Habitat. Then, for this project in the Virtual Conference, we have observed the fresh water status of the Habitat. Before Ike, the Habitat had an almost year round supply of fresh water in a drainage ditch that passed all the way across the Habitat.
After Ike, there was a change in the ground level conditions and a 3 year drought. There was no fresh water in the Habitat until early 2012. when the drought broke. Fresh water is critical to the native plants and animals that live in the Habitat and migrate through as this is one of the most frequent destinations of migratory birds in the United States. Without fresh water, they would not be able to get their migratory needs met here and would possibly die. So, our Habitat is important to more than us. Monitoring our fresh water supply is critical to understand and maintain our Habitat for all is residents and larger community.


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From the students of the Montessori Academy of North Texas -

"What a wonderful, interesting project. Loved how the students used and explained the GLOBE equipment. This was a perfect project for the school's location!"

Posted on 5/17/12 6:09 PM.

From Trinity Lutheran School -

"I thoroughly enjoyed watching your video and seeing the habitat. How lucky to have the boardwalks to use for observations and collecting data! You obviously are very committed to your research and did a wonderful job explaining how you have used your water quality testing materials this year. I'm curious -- you mentioned two different invasive species in the habitat -- are they presenting a problem and are they there as a result of the 3-year drought?"

Posted on 5/17/12 6:12 PM.