Is Dubnany warm?

Student(s):Adam Antos, Nikol Krystofova, Gabriela Hvozdova, Lenka Vaculikova
Grade Level:Middle School (grades 6-8, ages 11-14)
GLOBE Teacher(s):Marta Chludilová
Report Type(s):International Virtual Science Symposium Report
Protocols:Air Temperature, Precipitation, Clouds, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure
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Optional Badges: Be a Collaborator, Be a Data Scientist
Date Submitted:04/05/2019

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Our hypotesis was: There is a dry and warm climate in Dubnany. We measured temperature, precipitation and clouds. We used historical materials from GLOBE Data. We found out that our hypotesis was correct.


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This is a nice project on an important topic. I am impressed at the depth of research you have done on the historical climate of your area.
I do have a question about Slide 9 in your presentation. Some of the dates seem off. Did you actually measure data in your school in 1905? It might help to put the items on this chart in chronological order.
I hope you will still have enough water to go swimming in future!

Posted on 5/1/19 2:36 PM.

This is a project that deals with an interesting topic.
It is important to carry out research work in school science with topics related to the environment in order to learn new knowledge.
It is also interesting that you participate in VSS and share your project with the GLOBE community
I do have a question: On what dates have you made atmosphere measurements at your school? It would be important to leave it clear in the report.
I hope you continue to research and learn science topics!

Posted on 5/5/19 3:01 PM.