Limnology Study of Yellow Lake(Al-Asfar ) in Al-Ahsa Governorate, Saudi Arabia - according to Globe's protocols

Student(s):Nawaf Abdullah Al-Saleh. Ibrahim Al-Sayed Al-Hashem
Grade Level:Middle School (grades 6-8, ages 11-14)
GLOBE Teacher(s):Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim
Contributors:Globe team
Report Type(s):Standard Research Report, International Virtual Science Symposium Report
Protocols:Aerosols, Air Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Salinity (including Titration), Water Temperature, pH
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Date Submitted:03/10/2020
A map showing the location of Lake Al-Asfar in Al-Ahsa Governorate - Saudi Arabia

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Al-Asfar Lake is one fiom the inportant shallow wetland lakes. It is located on Al-Hassa, eastern region of Saud Arabia. Al-Hassa Province is one of the largest oases in the world and located in the southern part of the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. It is situated between 25" 05' and 25" 40' northern latitude and 49" 55' eastern longitude Al-Asfar Lake is located east of the oasis of Al-Hassa, grow on the banks of many plant. The lake is the site of the confluence of migratory birds from outside the area visited by dozens of the virtues of birds. The lake formed a result of wastewater a farm in the oasis of Al-Hassa.
The aim of this study was to test some of the water characteristics of the Yellow Lake by determining the temperature of the water, the pH and the type of salts present in the water and its quantity, and testing the type of chemical elements in it


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