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Student(s):Mohanad Othman Awadhallah Mahmood Ahmed Aldhaher
Grade Level:Middle School (grades 6-8, ages 11-14)
GLOBE Teacher(s):Hamed Alsheri (inactive)
Report Type(s):International Virtual Science Symposium Report
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Date Submitted:02/23/2016

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There are a range of factors affecting control climate, weather and the quality of her every change gets on the climate was whether local, regional or continental back solar radiation thermal hyphen to earth? The sun most important factors influencing the climate and that because it's main source of energy that provides ground heat and Taqhallazemh to sustain life but not solar energy turned the ground to cool the planet with a low temperature and zero, ways of life in which nature of surfaces, colors and coefficient of reflection affect the nature of surfaces and objects smooth or rough and colors light or dark to reflect solar heat radiation and absorbed as the white surfaces and a light-colored and smooth like ice and sand, unlike larger than the solar radiation


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You have an interesting hypothesis. Did you think about comparing temperature and rainfall in other locations?

Posted on 4/2/16 6:01 PM.

Hello GLOBE Students!

I believe you collected your data during the day. Do you think the minimum air temperatures would be impacted different than the maximum air temperatures due to clouds? Or, how would time of day possibly change this report?

You asked some great questions in your research!

- Dr. Julie Malmberg,
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Posted on 4/3/16 10:39 PM.

Hi Matt
I'm responding on behalf of students Mohanad and Mahmood.

No, because I have not lived in many areas and my region is different from other regions in the (temperature - rain).

Posted on 4/9/16 9:16 AM.

Hi Julie
I'm responding on behalf of students Mohanad and Mahmood.

The time available during the day to work on the report. Yes it affected because the clouds is a Water droplets formed from water vapor condensing in the atmosphere clouds manifestation of condensation that have an impact on the climate and the state of the atmosphere and is also the clouds in the atmosphere affect to reduce the access of solar radiation by virtue of where the wind is up because of the high temperature air that extends to the top of a rising currents.

Posted on 4/9/16 9:17 AM.