Macroinvertebrates in the Illinois River

Organization(s):Lowrey Elementary School
Grade Level:Upper Primary (grades 3-5, ages 8-11)
GLOBE Teacher(s):
Report Type(s):Standard Research Report
Date Submitted:05/10/2012

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The Illinois River is just 3 miles to the east of our school. Lowrey is in a rural area of NE Oklahoma and our local landowners are in the Illinois River Basin. Since the river has the Scenic River designation it has particular parameters to ensure the health of the river. Tourism is a large part of the local economy because of the river.

My students are very aware of Global and local impacts to the environment the part that humans play in that role both as enablers of the negative consequences and what role they can play in finding solutions to lessen human environmental impacts.

My students are now much more aware of their environment and the impact we have on it at the local level due to the studies and GLOBE protocols that we collect and analyze annually and daily. We also have completed some biological studies on the school campus on tree height, diameter, and canopy coverage. Plus we do atmosphere protocols each day.


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From Alexander Dawson School -

"Thanks for this great presentation! My students sampled invertebrates in a creek in Colorado and wondered how their data would compare with a larger stream or river. I will show them your presentation and they will enjoy seeing what you found. I really liked the photographs showing the changes in vegetation over the years. Well done! "

Posted on 5/17/12 5:37 PM.

From the students of the Montessori Academy of North Texas -

"Looks like a very interesting project. Lots of data!! Voice-over would help with the understanding and explanation."

Posted on 5/17/12 6:08 PM.

From a student at West Haven High School -

"I do like how your video opens with all of you demonstrating your research, makes me wish I had the opportunity to do your research when I was your age! I see that you collected data only a couple of times through the year. Do you think that your data will change significantly if you collect data more times through the year, maybe monthly? It may be interesting to see how the data changes seasonly too. I look forward to hearing about your future research, Great Job!"

Posted on 5/18/12 4:37 PM.

From a West Haven High School student -

"I appreciate the effort and time put into this project. I am glad to see the importance of climate change is addressed. This presentation has been very helpful to understand the extent of the vast research conducted on numerous factors affecting the macroinvertebrate population."

Posted on 5/18/12 4:40 PM.

From a student at West Haven High School-

"It was really great to see footage of the students getting the macroinvertebrates in the river because it exemplified the procedure and was a great opportunity to get to see these macroinvertebrates’ samples live. The measuring of local indicators of climate change and phosphates and the conclusion that the budburst season change is affecting the environment’s health was really interesting. I am glad that the school will continue the research into the future."

Posted on 5/21/12 7:15 PM.