Is climate change the reason why we did not have any school snow days this year?

Student(s):Students of Marcy Burns
Grade Level:Upper Primary (grades 3-5, ages 8-11)
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Report Type(s):Standard Research Report
Date Submitted:05/09/2012

The students at Main Street School in Norwalk, OH, USA, normally have two or three days off of school due to snow each winter. During the 2011-2012 school year, however, we had no snow days. We hypothesized that this unusual weather is a sign of climate change. After looking carefully at data on average temperature and average precipitation from 1951 to 2012, we concluded that climate change was probably not the reason for our lack of snow days and that something else must be affecting the weather in our area.


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Very neat project that was designed and presented very well! Nicely done Main Street School! I was wondering if you looked at whether the precipitation data was rain or snow? Maybe the increase in precipitation is actually more rain than snow? I look forward to seeing more research as you pursue the follow up research questions too!

Posted on 5/11/12 6:57 PM.

Here is a comment/question from Trinity Lutheran School -

"Hi fifth grade students at Main Street School! I thoroughly enjoyed watching your video! You did an excellent job collecting and analyzing the data and I found the comparisons that you made very interesting, as well as the questions that arose for further research. It will be interesting to see how the water quality is affected if flooding should become a problem. In one part of your video, you mention that in recent years there has been a spike in the amount of snowfall and I wonder if you think this is significant. Also, as you were researching amounts of precipitation and temperatures over the last 50 years, did you find any patterns that could explain the warm winter that you just experienced?"

Posted on 5/15/12 4:51 PM.

A second comment from Trinity Lutheran School -

"Nice, I really like the use of historical data in your project, especially the temperature data. Lake Erie freezing might be something that you can get historical data as well. Can not possibly wonder why students would be interested in snow days."

Posted on 5/15/12 4:52 PM.

From the students of the Montessori Academy of North Texas -

"Great use of graphs! Loved seeing the involvement of all the students. Good questions for future projects."

Posted on 5/17/12 6:09 PM.

From the students at Estes Park Middle School -

"Our class really liked how your team tried to figure out why you didn't have any snow days this year. We can't believe you could wear shorts in February, too! We're going to see if we can find a weather station near our school in Colorado so that we have long term data to study our climate better. Why do you think this winter was so much warmer by your school?"

Posted on 5/21/12 7:08 PM.

From a student at West Haven High School-

"I love your very thorough and informative video. Since your observations did not support your hypothesis, would you consider testing the correlation between Lake Erie and the air temperature of your area? This could possibly explain why the temperature was warmer in your area this year."

Posted on 5/21/12 7:17 PM.