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The GLOBE Program offers many benefits and opportunities for members of its community. To learn more about how GLOBE operates, its worldwide impact and more about the program, check out the pages below.

Learn About the Program
Learn about The GLOBE Program, the benefits of joining and how educators, scientists and citizen scientists use GLOBE.
Impact and Metrics
The data in this section offers a closer look at GLOBE members’ impact and activities, including how many schools and students are participating in GLOBE and how many projects they have completed. You can also browse GLOBE's annual reviews and strategic plans.
Privacy, Policies, and Sponsors
Review how your privacy is maintained, GLOBE policies, terms of use, and accessibility statement.
Program FAQs
See commonly asked questions about The GLOBE Program.
Ready to Join?
Create an account and join the GLOBE community. Learn about the different GLOBE accounts and what you can do with your account.