Working Group - Overview

GLOBE Working Groups

Large group of GLOBE members, including students and teachers.

In addition to working with scientists, educators and country partners around the world, GLOBE also collaborates with local community members to develop and implement GLOBE's mission. These teams, or Working Groups, provide valuable feedback on The GLOBE Program and present potential opportunities for increasing the program's global impact. They also serve as an important link between the program and GLOBE communities at large.

Each of our five Working Groups is composed of up to seven regional members. If there is a topic users think should be discussed by a Working Group and brought forward to the management of The GLOBE Program, they can contact a Working Group representative for that region. GLOBE strives to ensure that each of the six GLOBE regions maintain representation in the Working Groups, so if a region does not have a current active member, please contact the Working Group chair.

10th Anniversary Working Group Report

The GLOBE Working Groups met in conjunction with the 2023 GLOBE Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, for the 10th anniversary of the Working Groups with a facilitator from the Trebuchet Group.

Learn more about the 10th Anniversary GLOBE Working Group report. 

Member Requirements

To be a functional and productive member of a GLOBE Working Group, there are additional expectations and responsibilities that must be met. Working Group members must:

  • Have an active account
  • Attend at least nine of the 12 monthly Working Group meetings throughout the year
    • Meetings are held through Zoom
  • Have a functioning internet connection
  • Attend and fully engage in the GLOBE Annual Meeting
  • Fully participate during and between online meetings
  • Respond to all GLOBE email correspondences during service
  • Maintain sufficient written and oral English skills 
  • Maintain an updated My Page, updating at least annually

Important: A typical term of service is one to three years for a Working Group member. However, a member may be asked to step down from the group if they fail to meet the above requirements.