Regional Initiatives

Regional Campaigns, IOPs, & Collaboration Initiatives

Along with global campaigns and Intensive Observation Periods (IOPs), the GLOBE community hosts regional campaigns and initiatives.  Using GLOBE protocols, schools in defined regions participate in active research campaigns.  

Europe Aerosols Campaign

Air Quality Campaign

Encourage student interest in air quality by taking measurements for an Air Quality Campaign. Students take responsibility for their environment by observing clouds in the sky and measuring aerosols.

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Phenology Campaign

Spring and Fall are exciting times for young scientists to explore the connection between temperature and tree activity. Register for a Phenology Campaign and help students understand the connection between temperature, green-up in the Spring and green-down in the Fall.

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Water Bodies Regional Intense Observation Period (IOP)

The GLOBE community is leading an exciting new event: “GLOBE Water Bodies Intensive Observation Period” (IOP). All GLOBE countries, in all GLOBE regions, are invited to join in this data collection and research endeavor.

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