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GLOBE Protocols (Teacher's Guide)

The GLOBE Teacher's Guide includes a collection of scientific background information, data-collection protocols and learning activities categorized by Earth sphere. To maintain high data accuracy, GLOBE protocols must be followed closely. Only use instruments that meet the required specifications, and make sure data is entered according to GLOBE standards.

The Teacher's Guide is made possible through the combined efforts of various authors and editors.  
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GLOBE Protocols by Earth Sphere

Select a GLOBE Sphere to explore our protocols, learning activities and supporting resources.
Picture of the sky with clouds.
Atmospheric conditions play a major role in the soil formation of a particular area and can determine which types of wildlife are able to survive in the region. Measuring these conditions is vital for scientists studying weather, climate, land cover, phenology, ecology, biology, hydrology and soil.
Picture of grassy hilly plain.
All living things depend on the Biosphere for survival. Whether it is shelter, food or protection, the type of land cover in a given habitat directly affects the kinds of animals that likely inhabit it.
Picture of the ocean at sunset.
Water is a crucial resource for life and a key player in many important chemical reactions. These reactions help shape the land and change the composition of water bodies, which in turn affect the wildlife that live in those bodies.
Picture of soil covered in weeds and ferns.
Pedosphere (Soil)
The varying components found within soil can drastically alter its ability to retain water, house nutrients and support life. Collecting data on a region's soil temperature, moisture and chemical properties is critical to researchers across the scientific spectrum.
A portion of the Earth from a distance in space.
Earth as a System (Protocol Bundles)
The GLOBE Program's measurements provide students with the tools to begin exploring Earth system phenomenon themselves. Through data collection and student research, GLOBE students are helping show how Earth functions as a system, and what we can do to reduce people's global impact.

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