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Annual Meetings

GLOBE Annual Meetings are a chance for GLOBE community members at all levels of the program to celebrate the past year’s accomplishments, talk about new developments and brainstorm how to continue improving The GLOBE Program.

Attendees have the opportunity to learn from GLOBE Country Coordinators, U.S. Partners, Regional Coordinators, educators, students and scientists, as well as ask questions and share ideas with GLOBE's federal sponsors, the GLOBE Implementation Office and other GLOBE staff. Researchers, including many in the GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN), have various platforms at meetings to discuss their remarkable careers and how they support GLOBE’s mission.

Find out more about what GLOBE members do at Annual Meetings, and how 2023 attendees celebrated GLOBE's first in-person meeting in four years.

For more information about GLOBE Annual Meetings, email


2024 Annual Meeting: Climate and Resilience

This year's Annual Meeting will be held in July at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Fredonia, a town on the shores of Lake Erie. The theme of the 2024 meeting, which will be co-hosted by SUNY Fredonia, is "Climate and Resilience".

The meeting will include GLOBE students who participated in the 2024 International Virtual Science Symposium or Student Research Symposia. Registration is expected to open soon, so watch for GLOBE's announcements by email and social media. 


A detailed agenda will be posted here soon, including information on: community presentations, protocol training sessions, a special field trip, the GLOBE Sponsor panel and keynote speakers. The call for community presentations will likely open in April, so those who would like to present should start considering their topics now.

Most participants will arrive on Sunday 15 July and depart on Friday 19 July.
  • Saturday 13 July: Regional Coordination Offices meeting (full day, by invitation only)
  • Sunday 14 July: Working Groups meeting (full day, by invitation only)
  • Monday 15 July: Annual Meeting Day 1; Poster session and opening reception in the evening
  • Tuesday 16 July Annual Meeting Day 2
  • Wednesday 17 July: Annual Meeting Day 3
  • Thursday 18 July: Annual Meeting Day 4; Closing banquet in the evening
  • Friday 19 July: Working Groups meeting (half day)

Accommodations and Travel

There will be accomodation options on the SUNY Fredonia campus, as well as at hotels in Fredonia.

The nearest airports are Buffalo Niagra International Airport, which has direct flights from many U.S. airports and connections to the major U.S. international hub airports, and Pittsburgh International Airport.

Note: Fredonia is about a seven-hour drive from New York City's regional airports.


The U.S. visa process can take a long time, and some attendees may want to start this process before this meeting's registration opens. To request a visa support letter, email your full name, school/organization, role/position and country of residence to

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