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Data Entry

GLOBE Data Entry consists of several options:

Liquid-filled Maximum/Minimum Thermometers - GLOBE no longer recommends the U tube thermometer for recording maximum and minimum air temperatures. The thermometer magnet for resetting the floats becomes demagnetized and/or the floats stick in the tube. GLOBE encourages the use of a digital maximum/minimum thermometer for these air temperature measurements. If you are currently using a U-tube thermometer please consider replacing it with a digital model.

Data Entry

Data Entry - Desktop Forms – These pages are for entering environmental data – collected at defined sites, according to protocol, and using approved instrumentation – for entry into the official GLOBE science database.

Data Entry - Mobile App – The app allows users to enter data directly from an iOS or Android device for any GLOBE protocol.  

Training Data Entry – These pages are for practicing data entry, either during workshops or when providing others a view of the data entry process. These data entry pages are based on the newer designed data entry pages. These data are not intended for entry into the official GLOBE science database.

GLOBE Observer Logo.

GLOBE Observer – An app open to all environmental citizen scientists from GLOBE Countries.  Includes tools for reporting sky information to identifying potential breeding sites for mosquitoes.   

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Email Data Entry – Data can also be entered via email.
GLOBE DataTool - The GLOBE DataTool has been developed by the University of Cologne to facilitate the upload of environmental measurements or extensive datasets into the GLOBE database.


New to GLOBE or just need a refresher on the newer designed Data Entry?
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