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Collaboration is essential for every researcher, including citizen scientists! Set up collecting competitions, coordinate science projects, support educational initiatives, and much more with a GLOBE team. Teams can be created by anyone and managed directly on the GLOBE website. 

GLOBE teams are also an excellent way to bring together family members, clubs, troops, classes, or any other group of interested individuals for real-world science experiences. Through working together on projects, your team can contribute valuable information to the scientific community while strengthening the group's interpersonal coordination.

Create a GLOBE Team

After you set up your GLOBE team, you can check who is in your group and how many observations they've made for each GLOBE Observer protocol. You can also make your teams either open or private. Open teams can be joined by anyone in the GLOBE community, while private teams require a referral code in order to join. 

Note: If you make a private team, we'll provide you with the necessary code you can use to invite new members. 

Create a GLOBE Team


Join an Existing Team

Ready to jump onto an existing team? Click the button below to find a list of GLOBE teams and start collaborating. 

Join a GLOBE Team  


Manage your GLOBE Team

To access and manage your team:

  • Log in at
  • Click on the menu icon at the top left. Next click Go To > My Organizations and select your GLOBE Team name from the list
  • Click on the "Manage Team" link on your team page.

As the team creator, you are the team manager and can perform these tasks:

Manage the Team

  • Change the team name and location
  • Change the team type:
    • Private: This is the default setting for all team types. If you want the team to remain private, this requires a referral code to join.
    • Public: Open to all
    • Closed: Only the GLOBE Community Support Team can add new members. For assistance, contact the GLOBE Implementation Office.
  • Deactivate the team

Manage Members

  • Select/remove organization managers
  • Indicate if you want to display a contact link
  • Remove members from the team