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Since 1993, GLOBE has worked to share our impact and scientific studies with the general public. To ensure each publication's quality of research, relevance to the field, and journal appropriateness, every article we publish is subjected to the peer-review process. During this process, various scholars from the most relevant field are solicited to review and provide feedback on the publication's academic rigor. Peer review is an important step in the scientific process and bolsters an article's reliability to the scientific community at large.

Our first article explored the idea of the program and was published before GLOBE officially began. Since then, GLOBE data has been used in many scholarly works, including theses, dissertations, and peer-reviewed papers. Exploring how these scientists have used GLOBE data in their research can provide you with important background information for classroom projects, as well as inspire you with ideas on how to use our databases in your own work. 

To browse our collection of publications, you can use our publication navigation tool below. You can explore our published articles by Publication Type, Language, GLOBE Sphere, GLOBE Protocol, and Category. You can also narrow the publication date range and explore our papers chronologically.

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