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Retrieve Data (ADAT)

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Image of children around a globe. Text: The GLOBE Program, Advanced Data Access Tool.

Find and use data with GLOBE's Advanced Data Access Tool. Users can refine searches using various parameters and then choose specific sites that contain the relevant measurements. Specific search parameters include: 

  • Protocol 
  • Date Range
  • Date Count Range 
  • Site Name
  • Country/State/Territory
  • Proximity to Lakes or Rivers
  • School/Teacher/Partner
  • Elevation Range
  • Latitude/Longitude Range
  • Proximity to Latitude/Longitude

Once users have chosen the site they want to investigate, they can apply more filters to narrow the data search, or download the data as a comma-separated value (CSV) file for a detailed analysis with their software of choice. The Advanced Data Access Tool also includes the option to download a summary file that compiles the amount of available data for each site of interest. Users can use this feature to determine which sites may be more data-rich and worth further investigation.

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