Instruments and Clothing

Instruments and Clothing 

Scientific Instruments for Collecting GLOBE Data

A number of instruments, supplies, and pieces of equipment are needed to conduct the GLOBE measurement protocols properly. Many of these can be purchased from suppliers while some can be made by students or individuals in the school community. Specifications for instruments  have been developed by scientists in order to ensure accurate data collection while also being affordable for schools. It's important to emphasize that schools are not required, or expected, to collect data using all protocols; therefore it's important for the teachers to develop an implementation plan including which measurement protocols would fit best within the local environment, time available, and the class curriculum.

All GLOBE instrument specifications are described within the Toolkit (pdf) and represent the minimum specifications necessary to collect scientifically valid data. GLOBE schools may use instruments that meet or exceed these specifications. For example, the GLOBE specifications for pH paper call for a range of 2 to 9 pH units. A pH paper with a range of 1 to 14 exceeds specifications and may be used by GLOBE schools.


Instrumentation and clothing can be purchased from many local or global suppliers. Select the appropriate region from the links below. The companies and groups listed below offer instruments and equipment that can be used for taking GLOBE measurements or for showing your support in GLOBE. The GLOBE Program does not endorse any particular supplier, and will identify in a similar manner all companies believed to offer instruments required for the collection of GLOBE data. The GLOBE community has been instrumental in identifying regional equipment suppliers. If you typically use another supplier, we encourage you to provide the instrument specifications to them in order to obtain accurate instruments for collecting scientifically-useful data.

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International Suppliers

The following companies are able to provide instruments and material to customers internationally.