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Students match GLOBE temperature data with its location given what they know about the relationship between latitude and seasonal temperature variations.
Air Temperature, Atmosphere Learning Activities
Biosphere Data Sheets, Site Definition Sheets
Atmosphere, Clouds Field Guides
Clouds Resources
Clouds Resources
Atmosphere, Clouds Resources
Atmosphere, Clouds Field Guides
Atmosphere, Clouds Field Guides
Students monitor clouds and weather to begin to understand the connections between the two.
Atmosphere, Clouds Learning Activities
Atmosphere Learning Activities
Observe and report which types of clouds are visible, how much of the sky is covered by clouds, and the opacity of clouds. Also report sky and surface conditions. Each observation is matched to satellite data of clouds taken about the same time and location. Cloud observations can be taken at any time! This Protocol is designed to be flexible and fit into your schedule, classifying, observing, and reporting cloud observations when it works for you. If you observe while a satellite is overhead, you can then receive an email from NASA comparing your observations to satellite data.

NASA Support Page for GLOBE Clouds and Satellite Comparison
Your cloud observations help NASA to better understand the different types of clouds and the effects they have on our Earth’s climate. NASA matches cloud observations to corresponding satellite data. Satellites only see the top of the clouds while you see the bottom. By putting these two vantage points together we get a much more complete picture of clouds in the atmosphere.

Find Satellite Overpass Times by accessing the NASA Cloud Satellite Portal.
Atmosphere, Clouds Protocol Instructions
Atmosphere Protocol Instructions
Alkalinity, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Hydrosphere, Nitrates, Salinity, Water Temperature, Water Transparency, pH Field Guides
Biosphere Data Sheets
Biosphere Field Guides, Site Definition Sheets