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Anda Hmeļņicka

Anda Hmeļņicka started participating in the GLOBE Program while a student at the Andrejs Upits Skriveri Secondary School.

“My teacher invited me to a camp, which was organized by the GLOBE Program’s Latvia Coordinator Inese Liepiņa. I took part in all the activities with such pleasure. I had a great time and gained a lot of friends thanks to this project,” stated Anda.

She continued: “Later, my teacher decided that we would take soil and air temperature measurements in Skriveri at our school.  We used a digital thermometer and recorded our data on the GLOBE website. We took temperature measurements for five years.  When I reached class 10, I decided to collect data and do research work on climate change. I successfully defended my work in my region and in my country.”

“Through GLOBE, I have been able to gain knowledge in temperature measurement, pH measurement, water quality determination, GPS usage, nature photography, and to compare data across the globe,” finished Anda.