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Presenting about GLOBE at a conference? Want to share information about GLOBE? Here is a collection of our GLOBE Information Sheets.

Get Started with GLOBE

Basic information on how to get involved in The GLOBE Program including information about the GLOBE Observer app, from the 2019 Earth Science Week (ESW) toolkit.

Become a GLOBE Teacher

Through The GLOBE Program, teachers can connect students to an international network of students, teachers and scientists while learning more about our shared environment. For a school to fully participate in The GLOBE Program, at least one teacher must be trained in GLOBE science measurement protocols and education activities. Training is key to gaining knowledge and skills to implement GLOBE science protocols and activities in a school setting.  

globe teacher

Become a GLOBE Observer

GLOBE students have been doing “Citizen Science” for the past 20 years by engaging in data collection, entry and analysis, partnering with scientists and Earth observing satellites, and participating in scientific measurement campaigns. The GLOBE database now holds approximately 140 million measurements provided by its “student citizen scientists” over a period of two decades. Technology has evolved, providing the ability to measure more phenomena with greater accuracy. GLOBE has become part of the digital revolution with the release of its recent app; solitary efforts have given way to large-scale collaborations, with the power to transform how we think about the world and how we live in it. 

GLOBE Observer

Become a Member of the GISN

The GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN) is an international network of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) professionals who contribute meaningfully to GLOBE students around the world involved in scientific field investigations and research projects. 

GLOBE eTraining 

GLOBE eTraining provides the opportunity for new and existing GLOBE users to complete science protocol training at anytime, anywhere. GLOBE eTraining consists of multiple downloadable training modules, interactive digital field and lab experiences, online assessments for each module, and access to support through online discussion forums.

eTraining one pager

GLOBE Campaigns and Intensive Observation Periods (IOPs)

GLOBE Campaigns and IOPs are regional and worldwide projects that provide students with hands-on opportunities to learn about the Earth. These initiatives are grounded in real science embedded in an inquiry-based, collaborative approach. 


GLOBE Schools and NASA Satellite Missions

 Monitoring Earth’s environment is one of the primary activities of The GLOBE Program. Students from all over the world have been involved in hands-on in situ (in place or on location) data collection since the program began on Earth Day 1995. NASA scientists need these student data, combined with remotely sensed satellite data, to validate and calibrate satellite instruments. Four NASA satellite missions currently collaborate with GLOBE students: CALIPSO, CloudSat, GPM, and SMAP. 

GLOBE and NASA satellites

GLOBE Countries

A list of participating GLOBE countries and a map showing GLOBE countries by region. 

GLOBE Countries

US GLOBE Regions Map

Become a GLOBE Partner  

GLOBE and Peace Corps



GLOBE and The Global Goals for Sustainable Development 

Approach Potential Funders for your GLOBE Activities

The Evaluation Working Group would like to share with you a document for you to use when approaching potential funders. This document presents the benefits that your students gain from participating in the GLOBE program and provides this more formal presentation to give to potential funding agencies. Many different funding agencies exist and we have attempted to provide the brief essence of the importance and value of GLOBE that you can modify to meet your needs.

This document is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.


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