Innovation in STEM challenge

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The Grand Lomé Regional Directorate of Education (DRE-GL) celebrated scientific and technological innovation in the geographical area under its jurisdiction this Thursday, April 06, 2023 through a science day organized within the College of Education. General (CEG) of Totsi.

Thirteen schools in Greater Lomé with active Science Clubs demonstrated their talents in science and technology. These are: CEG Totsi, Djidzolé High School, February 2 High School, CEG Agoè-Nyivé Ouest, Cacavéli High School, Belali Stars School, Tokoin 1 High School, Father Augustin Planque College, Scientific and Technological High School OPEM, Royal International Christian Academy, Lycée Agoè Nord, Institut Prestige du Savoir and Complexe Scolaire Archimède. And it was in the presence of the MEPSTA Technical Advisor, Mr. DORKENOU Mensah, Representing Minister Dodzi Komla KOKOROKO, Mr. AGBAGNON Mawuli, Representative of the Head of Education Section at UNICEF, Inspector NOUWOSSAN Komlan, Ruio Director of General Education and several other administrative, educational and traditional authorities.