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Anne Lewis inspired me to dig though my archive and highlight some of the resources and links that I have sent along to various members of the GLOBE community. I compiled many of them here. It makes for a very link-heavy blog post but perhaps there are some nuggets in here for you.

Representing GLOBE at Workshops and Meetings?

If you are attending a conference or meeting and referencing GLOBE, let us know here.

NGSS Visually

Did anyone else see this article? . A science specialist in CA created symbols of the NGSS cross-cutting concepts to help students understand what they are. He has free downloads of each symbol.


Our group here in NH uses Concerns-Based Adoption Models (CBAM) tools for facilitating change (Innovation Configuration, Stages of Concern, and Levels of Use) with the schools we partner with and in guiding our professional development series. (Personal career highlight: Our New Hampshire Education and Environment Team (NHEET) had the honor and pleasure of bringing Shirley Hord to NH to train us in these tools a number of years ago! She was amazing!) See more info on CBAM here:

Jen's Personal GLOBE Bookmarks

Weather and Climate Fun 

  • I love this site. I could watch wind patterns all day. As I sit here right now watching my lights flicker and this map, I can see the relationship.
  • National Environmental Education Foundation Extreme Weather 101 free online course: The course is hosted on the Udemy online learning platform.

GLOBE US Partner Hotline

I set up a hotline for you to call and share your GLOBE news with U.S. teachers, partners, students and the GIO. I envision teachers and partners leaving a message to share your successes; a partner finishing a workshop for 12 new GLOBE participants, a teacher doing a major data entry upload, a great resource you develop or find, or an awarded equipment grant to do GLOBE. Anything that can be celebrated (and all of these examples qualify), we would like to know! Call and give it a try: (765) 3US-NEWS or (765) 387-6397.

GLOBE Working Groups

Did you know that we have US representatives on the GLOBE Working Groups (WG) and they would like to hear from you? See this page and contact the North American representative to share your ideas! The Science WG considers field campaigns and science protocols, the Education WG explores ways to increase the engagement of educators, the Evaluation WG will be posting the results of the survey they did of teachers and partners, and the Technology WG meets frequently to improve the website for us all.

Biosphere "Did you knows?"

(1) MUC is an app for iPhone:

(2) Larry Beihl from Purdue University emailed and shared that MultiSpec is now an on-line tool. Check it out here:

SRI Evaluations of the Program

As you write for funding to further your GLOBE activities, I thought it would be helpful to remind you of the SRI evaluations of the program from long ago. They can be found here on this page:

'Writing Good Questions' Resource

The GLOBE Partner in Iowa, Eve Halligan, recommends a resource she uses called "Make Just One Change." She has been using the Question Formulation Technique in her teacher PD.

NSTA Webinar on ESSA

Archived NSTA webinar on ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act): How ESSA Will Change K-12 STEM Education: What State Leaders and STEM Professionals Need to Know. Could be helpful in our work!

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