Welcome to Lauren's L2R Blog

Welcome to Lauren’s L2R Blog

I wish I was more able to be more cogent about this but I’m so excited about this workshop, I’ll start here.

“What I am hoping to learn as a participant during the initial workshop and throughout the professional development project?”

Most of all, the opportunity to improve my skills in providing project based learning by making the projects personally more meaningful to my students through the provision of the increased knowledge and proven concepts  that are from well-defined standards I’ll be able to apply. 

Another of my personal goals for this workshop is to gain a deeper background in the properties of the atmosphere, and other scientific factors, which govern weather and climate, along with a greater understanding of the interactions between the atmosphere and components of the Earth’s systems. 

A third expectation is that of establishing a professional working network with scientists and other professionals during this program and throughout the academic year.  The opportunity for our students to collaborate with other classrooms and scientists is exciting, but more importantly creates a profoundly more successful learning environment for our students.