Currently, Science education has transitioned away from textbooks to more hands on learning. This is an amazing opportunity for teachers to move away from the normal lecturing and explaining in class to reshaping the process of learning.

I think that the GLOBE Program is a fantastic organization and empowered program that promises to give an essential change in education.  One example is teaching and learning from directs activities in the field.

An excellent activity is to share data from school to school through collaboration.  Students can share what  they are investigating in the GLOBE program.  Sharing information about the same topic of research and giving an analyse of the results.  Depending on where these schools are located  the students could make comparisons and explain the impact of the investigation to all the community that are involved.

Referring why working on collaborating school to school empower the education as we see it nowadays.

Multitude of benefits to School to School Collaboration;

It allows students to have knowledge of different group of students from all over the world as they participate in the GLOBE Program community.
  • Recognize and appreciate different cultures.
  • This learning experience also gives students the ability to speak, write and read in another language other than their own.
  • Speak to diverse groups giving the possibility to develop communication skills.
  • According to scheduled activities between teachers and students.
  • Working through social media and webinars, they can communicate about different topic about  project they will do.
  • Apply the GLOBE protocols that involve a certain area of investigation..
  • Analysing  the results of the investigation.

Working school to school collaboration is a different way to learn.
I think that each of us is thinking about others education skills. 

We have an excellent opportunity to participate in the Virtual Science Fair. Giving group of students the ability to work together in collaboration to others presenting different investigations.

I will be pleased to receive your comments about my thoughts.

Thank you for reading

Thanks to Audra Edwards from the Education Working Group.

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