Hi, my name is Nate Raynor and I am the GLOBE Teacher at Mescalero Apache School located in south central New Mexico.

GLOBE Teacher and students at Southwest SRS
GLOBE Teacher Nate Raynor (left) with
his students and NM GLOBE Partner Christy Wall 
(second from left) at the 2018 SRS in Boulder, CO.

This is my 2nd year using GLOBE protocols in the classroom. I like GLOBE because it gives my students a chance to work outside and not be stuck in a classroom all day. With GLOBE, my students begin to see their environment from a different aspect.

I am currently using GLOBE protocols in two of my classes. My Biology classes are using the Biosphere Protocol. We are studying the topic of adaptation and we chose the Biometry protocol to do student-led investigations. It’s going to be a great year for us!

For example, one student group is combining GLOBE with working on a project to support feeding the reservation’s elders. At the end of their investigation, the students will share their data with others throughout the GLOBE community.

In the future, we would like to work with our tribal forestry and local EPA division on projects using GLOBE.

Southwest GLOBE Schools: We invite you to attend the 2019 Southwest Regional GLOBE Student Research Symposium on May 17-19, 2019 hosted by Mescalero Apache School. See you then!

Here’s what Nate’s students have to say about doing GLOBE:

Students doing GLOBE Atmosphere Protocols
Pierre and Eston collecting
data for the GLOBE Clouds protocol.

Pierre, GLOBE Student: I first started using GLOBE this year. My opinion in the beginning was there was so much to do, but when I got a chance to use it, it became quite easy, the directions are clear and understandable. We feel really comfortable using it.

Eston, GLOBE Student: I started using the GLOBE protocol this summer when I joined the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES). Through AISES, I am collecting GLOBE data that I send to NASA. I am currently working on an Atmosphere (Clouds) Protocol for my project. I am thoroughly enjoying working with my teammate Pierre.  The most exciting part about our project is sharing our data with NASA. I think it’s cool and we are learning a lot about weather from around the globe.

Students doing GLOBE Biometry Protocols
Shylo and Lani (left, right) conducting
their biometry investigation.

Shylo, GLOBE Student: My GLOBE experience to date has been very FUN! I have met new people and learned new things. Every time I go to a workshop or conference I always learn something new. Last May, I attended the Southwest GLOBE Student Research Symposium in Boulder, Colorado. At this symposium we won the Engineering Award. Since joining GLOBE at our school, I have experienced a different type of learning, and I have become more aware of science.

Lani, GLOBE Student:  Hi, my name is Lani and I attend Mescalero Apache School on the Mescalero Reservation. Our reservation is located in New Mexico. This will be my first encounter with GLOBE Program protocols. I am very excited to see how our project works with other parts of the world.