Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Please use Alt Text!

Did you know that Global Accessibility Awareness Day is coming up? It focuses on digital accessibility and inclusion and it is marked annually on the third Thursday of May. Therefore, this year we are celebrating it on Thursday, May 20, 2021!

I would like to invite you and everyone in our GLOBE community to celebrate! How? An idea is to develop the habit of using Alternative (Alt) Text.

We use many images and graphs to share our GLOBE work; however, some people use screen reading technology to access our digital content. The screen reader will not be able to “translate” an image or a graph. That’s where Alt Text comes in! Alt Text is a brief description you can add to your visual content. Screen reading technology will read that description to users so they do not miss out on the visual content.

On many applications, the steps to add Alt Text are the following:

1) Right-click on the image (PC) or Control-click on the image (Mac)

2) Click on “Picture…” in the drop-down menu

3) Select the Alt Text tab, and

4) Enter a short description of the image.

You can always look at the Help menu of any application (even social media) to find how to add Alt Text.

It’s easy!!! Remember, a small step on your computer can be a giant leap in terms of digital accessibility and inclusion!

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day 😊


For more information, you can visit:

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Learn more about Alt Text

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Excellent recommendation and easy to implement. Thanks.

Gracias Ana :)

Excellent idea , easy to perform.  👏                                  I have a friend who is using something similar (losing her sight) but I didn't know that everyone can help 

Thank you, Marina