24 July 2022 - Snippets and Activities - U.S. Coordination Office

"There’s no shame in failing. The only shame is not giving things your best shot."  - Robin Williams

Hoping to see you at the GLOBE Annual Meeting next week! Loving the session choices and our team has divided up so we can cover them all.
The U.S. Partner session is on Monday afternoon from 3-5pm ET/1-3pm PT (we will end earlier than that, promise!). Our team will share NARM, SRS, and Yearbook news, we will hear from GPO, and announce two RFPs. We will breakout with a couple Jamboard sessions (you know we have fun at those) and end with a Waterfall Chat. A Waterfall Chat might be my new favorite Zoom technique, well, maybe second favorite - I’ll use another one during the announcements. 
Other little snippets:
  • We revised out guidance for the Natural Inquirer-GLOBE Crosswalk so please share it with your networks.
  • If you or your teachers were missing the "Intro to GLOBE" e-training module, it is back! I'm glad to know that lots of people are using it. Two out of three of our office, the Community Support Team and GLOBE Mission Earth all heard from people last week/the week before seeking this particular module for professional learning.
  • Please consider sharing your GLOBE tips and tricks with the community and sign up for a Watercooler for the 2022-2023 academic year.
We may take a little blog break for a couple weeks. With the Annual Meeting, our team might not have time to put one together. The week after, I am in Estonia for their GLOBE Regional Learning Expedition. So excited to be returning to this beautiful country and working with the students and teachers from the region.

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