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First GLOBE US Regional Science Fair Held at NASA Goddard

A woman interviews a girl student about her science fair project.

GLOBE students, teachers and their local GLOBE partnerships took part in the very first US Regional Science Fair. NASA Goddard hosted the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regional event in Greenbelt, Maryland on 10-11 March 2016. Thirty students exhibited a dozen research projects representing seven states throughout the region. Students had the opportunity to present their work in a competitive, but collaborative, environment with a panel of six judges rating the presentations the same criteria being used to judge the International Virtual Science Fair, now underway.      

Awards were presented to the top three projects in the middle and high school divisions. 

Middle School 1st Place:
The Effect of Land Use on Water Quality
Madison SIieg -- St. Francis Xavier Catholic School

Middle School 2nd Place:
Are Animals Safer Under Snow?
Lily Fifield, Ryan Ciesluk, Josh Blye -- Deerfield Community School

Middle School 3rd Place: 
Evaluating the Effect of Cloud Coverage on Surface Temperature: Ella Nease, Katie Losh, Kylie Fisher  -- Barboursville Middle School; and 
Evaluating the Water Quality due to Runoff: Clair Snyder, Sydney Eastes, Brett Riffe -- Barboursville Middle School

High School 1st Place:
Winter’s Impact on New York City Drinking Water
Gabe Burchett, Heather Gorodess, Steven Pike – Mahopac High School

High School 2nd Place:
Interpreting Relative Change in the Water Quality of Four Pole Creek from 2014-2015
KateLyn Gillia --Huntington High School

High School 3rd Place:
Is Four Pole Creek Healthy?
Anastasia Miller, Mohammad Zeid, Raymond Pollard – Huntington High School

Other highlights of the event included a tour of Goddard and presentations on the Nighttime Sky program.
Read more about the event here: NASA-GLOBE Science Fair

Click for a gallery of photos from the event.                                  

View the video about the fist US Regional Science Fair, produced by Goddard Media Studios, by clicking on the photo below.

A woman stands centered in front of a building.  She holds a microphone.

Reported by: NASA/Goddard/Debora McCallum

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Nasreen, The projects listed above are part of the 1st United States Regional Science Fair. I see your school as being outside the U.S.. Did you send in a project to the International Virtual Science Fair? If so, you will see your project listed as one of the projects here: