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Realschule Cuxhaven, Cuxhaven, Germany

GLOBE students in Cuxhaven Germany are truly taking a "global" approach to their environmental studies. Since the summer of 1999, the Realschule Cuxhaven has been is in contact with researchers at three South Pole scientific stations - learning about the life and climate conditions 13,839 km away.

Student Julia Warn first communicated with a research team at the German South Pole station Neumayer. Other students and teachers shared her excitement about the opportunity to establish an information exchange and joined in the communications. Using the Internet, the students are learning about life conditions, weather, and climate topics. Webcam pictures and satellite images from the South Pole are continuously displayed on the school's Web page.

In November 1999, the students and GLOBE Teacher Rainer Genau established contact with meteorologists from a United Kingdom station about 700 km from the Neumayer station and then continued their virtual expedition of the South Pole by establishing communications with the American station there. Robert Schwarz, nicknamed the "Iceman," is stationed 180 m from the geographical South Pole and is sharing exciting pictures about polar lights, which the students post on their home page:

28 February 2000