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Jordanian Student creates Email Data Entry Generator!

Have you ever entered your GLOBE data via E-mail? It's a fantastic method of sending large amounts of data to the GLOBE database. However, it can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to understand the codes necessary to enter data. A former Jordanian GLOBE student has developed a program to help overcome these problems.

Mohammad Abu Musa began working with the GLOBE Program in 1999 while a student at the Irbid Pioneer Center, in Irbid, Jordan. Two years later, being very impressed with the goals and mission of the program, he began working with Mr. Raouf Dabbas, the President of the Jordanian Friends of the Environment Society and Country Coordinator for GLOBE Jordan. Mohammad attended the 2nd Regional Student Conference in Lebanon and later, with the assistance of the GLOBE Program Office, created the GLOBE Email Data Generator (GEG). Mohammad is currently attending the Jordanian University of Science and Technology, in Irbid.

The GLOBE Email Data Generator allows GLOBE teachers and students who do not have Internet access to send their data to GLOBE. It is a program that operates locally on your computer and creates a form containing the data you enter. Not sure how it will operate - or how easy it will be? Use ZZZZTEST as the School ID and take the GEG for a test drive!

08 September 2005