How are plants cooled?


OOU Dimitar Miladinov

Experiment: How are plants cooled?

Necessary materials and measuring instruments:
- three twigs of a linden or birch tree
- three glass jars
- oil
- a thermometer

Work methods:
Pick three twigs from the birch tree that differ in the number of leaves. Let one twig be without leaves,
on one to have 3-5 leaves,
and on the third 10 - 15 leaves.
  Make sure that the selected twigs have been at different temperatures, in the sun and in the shade.
You can already at the very beginning measure whether there is a difference in the temperature of the leaves of the branch that was in the shade and on the sunny side.

Put a little water in each jar and a thin layer of oil over the water to prevent water from evaporating. It is important to pay attention that the amount of water in all three bottles is the same, in order to easily determine the differences. Then put one twig in each bottle and leave the bottles at outside temperature or in a warm room for 24 hours.

Did the water in all the jars remain the same amount?
The plant with the most leaves had the least amount of water in the jar?

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