A data scientist for the GLOBE Program Office, my formal education is in the Geosciences with a focus on Meteorology/Climatology.  My career started as a meteorologist forecaster with the National Weather Service (NWS) in Denver.  The Denver Weather Forecast Office was a test office for new forecasting technology where prototype forecasting tools were tested and used in every day weather operations.  I typically would reverse engineer programming scripts to enhance and improve the tools to better fit operations.
After more than 6 years with the NWS I started working with the GLOBE program through CIRA in 1999 and later though UCAR where my science background was utilized in creating interactive web pages for data submission and science education.  
I currently am responsible for the quality control and integrity of the science data.  I design, develop, and communicate science algorithms needed for software and database development in addition to designing database schema's.  
Beyond the technical I manage GLOBE's Community Support staff.
Outside of GLOBE I own a horse boarding and training facility with my wife where we help people communicate and interact with their horses on a level that is fun and enjoyable for both.

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