By Anne Lewis, posted 7/11/18 6:05 PM

The South Dakota Discovery Center is issuing a call for water transparency data from lakes, streams, rivers, ponds in South Dakota using a turbidity (or transparency) tube,  often referred to as a t-tube since both transparency and turbidity start with the letter t.   The t-tube is a simple instrument. It is a tall, transparent tube of at least 120 centimeters that is marked off in centimeters on the side. On the bottom is a quadrant pattern of alternating black and white sections. You can measure the clarity of the water by measuring the depth of the water in the...

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By Anne Lewis, posted 5/30/17 4:17 PM

GLOBE is a useful resource for educators in both the formal and informal sector. Below is a guest blog post from GLOBE trained educator Jane Amiotte who is the 4H Youth Program Advisor in Pennington County here in South Dakota. One of the things that I think Jane does well is to use GLOBE with other resources and in various settings. GLOBE mixes and matches well! How do you use GLOBE in your setting? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Earth Systems I presented the Elementary GLOBE Earth Science Systems program “We Are All Connected” to the classrooms...

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