Dr. Anthony (Tony) Murphy is director of The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program Implementation Office (GIO) and is internationally known for his work in STEM education. Previously, Murphy served as Founding and Executive Director of the National Center for STEM Elementary Education at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Tony is proud of his association with the GLOBE Program, he first served the GLOBE Program at the White House in 1995. He notes that "Being involved at the ground level and working with scientists to create materials that would be used by teachers and students nationwide and globally was an incredible opportunity." Tony also served as a GLOBE education and training coordinator and received a promotion to deputy assistant director. "This was one of the most innovative programs at the time and having students, teachers and scientists working together on this type of science and education project was incredibly powerful." Twenty years on, it is amazing to see how far the Program has come and how far it is yet to go.  

Tony is extremely excited about the 20th anniversary year as it approaches and how the community is creating events and a celebration of their work in GLOBE.  He is also pleased with the response of the community to the changes in the Program over the last number of years, which he, his team at GIO, and the sponsors have initiated.  

Previous History
When Tony left the GLOBE Office in DC after almost 3 years, he became the director of A Thousand Friends of Frogs Project at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This project was based on a scientist, teacher and student collaborative working on investigating the deformed frogs being found in the state.  While at the university, Tony initiated a GLOBE Partnership within the Center for Global Environmental Education and hosted a train the trainer workshop. 

Tony initiated a GLOBE partnership with St. Catherine University in 2005. As the Associate Dean of Education at St. Catherine University, Tony's 2004 proposal for an interdisciplinary STEM curriculum earned support from the 3M Foundation; he brought together faculty and schools to develop a multifaceted academic initiative and a model of team-teaching, later recognized for its innovation. The initiative incorporated STEM certificates for traditional and Montessori elementary in-service teachers, a STEM minor, and a certificate for undergraduate students. Affirming that elementary teachers must be competent, confident and comfortable STEM educators, St. Kate requires elementary education majors to complete the STEM certificate for licensure. Launched summer 2010, the National Center for STEM Elementary Education improves elementary teacher effectiveness, advances student performance, and strengthens society's literacy in STEM.

According to Tony, GLOBE fit with St. Kate's organizational goals by serving pre-service education students, education alumni, and science majors. St. Kate's GLOBE partnership goals include: 1) integrating GLOBE as a foundational part of a STEM minor for education students; 2) integrating GLOBE into various science courses for specific majors and science courses for non-majors; and 3) offering GLOBE training to St. Kate education alumni. "Teachers, students and scientists collaborating to understand various aspects of the environment can have an important impact on all those involved. It also opened a window for me to see how new technology could have a profound impact on learning."

View this video from St. Catherine's EcoSTARS, a comprehensive professional development program that empowers teachers and future teachers.

Tony says that, "For more than 15 years, I've had the fortunate opportunity to witness the tremendous growth of The GLOBE Program and its impact on both the education and science communities," Tony says. "I am honored to advance the important work of GLOBE as its director and collaborate with its impressive network of international partners. Together we can expand the reach of The Program and unite even more teachers, students and scientists from around the world with common studies of Earth system science."

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