Our sampling site Monocacy Creek - flows through Colonial, Moravian village and empties into the Lehigh River by the repurposed Bethlehem Steel Mill (entertainment center), then into the Delaware River which joins the Atlantic Ocean. Background Bridge traverses the creek at South end of village Runoff washes road salts from brine treatment into creek Every Spring the creek is stocked with fish   Original Scope of GLOBE project – Summer, 2012   Determine water quality of the creek flowing through the village impacted by the...

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The GLOBE Institute has provided me with important, practical tools. I plan to make them available to my students so they can probe our local environment. It also has provided me with a wealth of ideas for project expansion. I will actively be expanding my professional network to include local scientists in order to correlate our data to theirs. Learning through actual research, along with collaborating with local scientists will enable my students to truly appreciate how human activity does affects our climate.

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This initial blog starts out as a "what I did on my Summer vacation" exercise and ends with what I expect to get out of the on-going GLOBE project. This institute fits in to my on-going overall annual professional goal: learn something new in Science. A specific goal for this year is to acquire training in order to participate in real time scientific investigations. An added benefit will be to share data with other schools both within my own school system and globally. I am also looking to gain the confidence and acquire strategies needed to engage my students in authentic Earth...

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