Country Mosquito Training in Parakou

The city of Parakou in the north of Benin got its Mosquito Zika Training Workshop

The conference room of the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Parakou was the venue of the training on Saturday, August 18, 2018. This trainer of trainers training workshop (country level) on the Zika mosquito in Benin was the third of a series of six CMTs funded by the Department of States and led by the GLOBE program.  A total of 25 participants were present. The training was conducted on site by two GLOBE Zika Master Trainers, Mr. Hippolyte AGOSSOU and Wadoud BOUSSARI.  

At the opening Mr AGOSSOU welcome the audience. He recalled the context of the training and presented the training agenda. Participants were given the opportunity to express their expectations which revolved around a better knowledge of the GLOBE Program, the GLOBE Zika Education and Prevention project, and the Mosquito Habitat Mapper app.

Mr. BOUSSARI took the floor and made a presentation on the GLOBE program, its vision, objectives, as well as its organization and different protocols.

This was followed by a presentation on Mosquito biology and mosquito types.

Participants were also introduced to the GLOBE Zika project "Encouraging citizens to prevent and observe mosquito-related threats", and its different stages. They were also introduced to the use of the GLOBE OBSERVER application, Mosquito Habitat Mapper component, and data report.

After lunch the mosquito data collection kits were distributed to participants and the presentation of the different components of the kit was made. Participants were sent to the field to search for water points containing mosquito larvae and to take samples. They went through all the steps in collecting mosquito data with the application and the collected data was sent to the GLOBE platform. Finally all participants completed the post-training survey.

The session ended at 6:15 pm with a coffee break offered to the participants with their satisfaction and commitment  to work towards the elimination of mosquito habitats and the data report to the GLOBE platform. They expressed their engagement through the LMT (Local Mosquito Training) training they will have to organize in the coming weeks.