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ICCARS Offering Webinars on Climate Change for Middle and High School Teachers

ICCARS (Investigating Climate Change And Remote Sensing) invites middle school and high school teachers to join the Lifelines Professional Learning Community (PLC) for the 2015-2016 school year.

ICCARS PLC is offering one-hour meetings, held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. (ET) on such topics as:

  • How Climate Models Work (14 September)
  • The Climate System (5 October)
  • Plant-Atmosphere Interactions in a Changing Climate (2 November)
  • Responses of Birds to Climate Change (14 December)
  • Long-Term Climate Effects on Human Settlements and Habitations (11 January 2016)
  • Understanding How People Perceive Climate Change (1 February)
  • Climate Change: Science, Impacts, and How Individuals Can Help (2 May)

The ICCARS Project was funded through a NASA grant awarded to Wayne RESA and Eastern Michigan University. The outcome of this two-year grant was for students and teachers to have a working understanding of the science behind global climate change and its relationship to human activity, in particular its relationship to land-use and land-cover changes on multiple scales, through use of NASA data products and models.

This ICCARS Project website is an eCollaboratory providing many resources dealing with climate change and remote sensing. This includes images, videos, lesson plans, documents, tutorials, and more. The eCollaboratory features web-based geographic information system, a student observation database, and groupware for social networking to build the ICCARS supporting community.

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