CloudSat Resources

CloudSat Resources


  • Precipitation Protocols: Students measure daily rainfall using a rain gauge, daily snowfall using a snow board, total snow accumulation on the ground, the equivalent depth of rain for both new snow and snow pack, and use techniques from the Hydrology Investigation to measure pH of rain and melted snow.
  • Max/Min/Current Air Temperature Protocol - Students use a maximum/minimum thermometer mounted in their instrument shelter to measure current temperature and the maximum and minimum temperatures for the previous 24 hours. Students may also collect current temperature only.
  • CEN special protocol quadrant instructions [PDF]
  • CEN special protocol precipitation instructions [PDF]
  • CloudSat Total Sky Imaging Protocol Field Guide - CEN sky imaging protocol field guide [PDF]
  • CloudSat Total Sky Imaging Protocol Instructions - CEN sky imaging protocol instructions [PDF]
  • CEN 1-day data sheets - data sheet to enter in 1 days worth of data [PDF]
  • CEN Multi day data sheets - data sheets to enter multiple days of data [PDF]

Learning Activities:

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