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Re: The Abuse of Nature

Akinwumiju Akinola, modified 6 Years ago.
Youngling Post: 1 Join Date: 6/16/16 Recent Posts
Without Man, the environment will find it easy to undergo self purification. The impact of man on the environment is overwhelming and nature has no choice than to react to the abuse. The mishandling of the environment (such as the discharge of effluents into water body, direct dumping of refuse and toxic wastes into water body and wetland and indescrimate use of harmful chemicals) could hurt mankind in the process of time.
There is therefore an urgent need to halt the ongoing abuse of nature.
And this Collaboration Forum on "Water in Our Environment" is a positive step towards this direction.
I am highly excited to be part of this forum.
Robert Connick, modified 6 Years ago.
Padawan Posts: 55 Join Date: 6/18/12 Recent Posts
Hi Akin. Thanks so much for responding. Somehow, your post is not listed under the Global Water Quality Collaboration Group forum but under a separate thread. I will try and see if it can be transfered to that forum. If not, I will try and send you the correct web address for adding your thoughts into the correct group. Enjoy the day and we look forward to working with you.  Bob

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