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Water Transparency Project

Anne Lewis, modified 5 Years ago.
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Hello All

My institution is issuing a call for water transparency data taken with transparency/turbidity tubes as part of the Water Transparency Project. The Water Transparency Project is an initiative to support 4th grade educators in South Dakota in meeting the Earth Science Standard 4-ESS2-1 Make observations and/or measurements to provide evidence of the effects of weathering or the rate of erosion by water, ice, wind, or vegetation.

Water transparency is a way to indirectly measure erosion that enters lakes, rivers, and streams through rain and snow melt. A robust data set will allow students to compare their local data with regional, national and even international data and analyze their findings in the context of geology, land cover, and land use.

I am looking for an interactive mapping platform that will layer the data over the geology, land cover, and land use for an activity that is slated to be released in 2018. So far, I've looked at Google My Maps, ESRI story maps, and National Geographic Mapmaker Interactive. Each platform has something to recommend it and each has drawbacks. I welcome any other suggestions.
Michael Jabot, modified 5 Years ago.
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Anne .... I am happy to help anyway I can. I think I have layers that would work and I think we can get them in a form that 4th gradres could use pretty easily.
Robert Connick, modified 5 Years ago.
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Hi Anne. First, I would like to wish you success in your endeavor. It sounds like a great way to involve students in the science process. At Mahopac High School in New York, we have taken a lot of transparency readings but have not matched them to soil types in our area. I'm not sure if they would help but you can get the transparency readings at MHS Hydrology Site Pre pond:SWS-05 and MHS Hydrology Site Post pond:SWS-07 on the GLOBE website. Just go to GLOBE Data and click on the retrieve data link. I believe there are pictures of the sites which may help students relate the surrounding with transparency readings. Good luck. I hope this helps. There may be others in the GENESIS collaboration forum that can help.
Marina Pavlić, modified 5 Years ago.
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RE: Water Transparency Project

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