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The group that was involved in the Global Water Quality Collaboration (GWQCG) will now be conducting their study on the GENESIS thread under the ENSO III Project. Please follow the link if you are interested in joining, participating or interested in following their work.

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GLOBE Hydrology training webinar

Dorian Wood Janney, modified 5 Years ago.
Padawan Posts: 46 Join Date: 7/13/12 Recent Posts
There are a few water-related trainings being offered for free in the next few weeks. 
You can find the registration and information here -  

Teaching Project Based Learning: The Importance of Fresh Water
Tuesday 08/28/2018
5:00 pm ET

Explore Earth: GLOBE Hydrology
Tuesday 09/04/2018
6:30 PM ET
Eslam Khair, modified 5 Years ago.
Youngling Post: 1 Join Date: 12/1/12 Recent Posts
Hi Dorian,
The links you posted are not working.
Thank you,
Robert Connick, modified 5 Years ago.
Padawan Posts: 55 Join Date: 6/18/12 Recent Posts
Hi Dorian. Is there a way to view the "Teaching Project Based Learning: The Importance of Fresh Water" webinar?? Was it archived anywhere?? Thanks.  

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