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Welcome to Phase III of the ENSO Student Research Campaign: "Water in Our Environment". You can share ideas, upload documents and post questions.

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The group that was involved in the Global Water Quality Collaboration (GWQCG) will now be conducting their study on the GENESIS thread under the ENSO III Project. Please follow the link if you are interested in joining, participating or interested in following their work.

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Using Satellite Observations for Land Ecosystems and Water Resources Brian Andrew Campbell 0 915
How Did NASA Look at the Recent Midwest Flooding? Brian Andrew Campbell 0 1175
ANNOUNCING SODA Webinar #3 for the ENSO Student Research Campaign Brian Andrew Campbell 0 1084
WANTED: Teacher/Student Presenters for Feb/Mar/Apr 2018 ENSO SODA Webinars Brian Andrew Campbell 0 1129
NASA Demonstrates Airborne Water Quality Sensor Brian Andrew Campbell 0 998
Why Care About Water? Brian Andrew Campbell 1 2085

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