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Boston University Summer Course Offering: Immersion in Global Energy Distribution

Immersion in Global Energy Distribution focuses on introducing K-12 teachers to local and global environmental investigations that they can facilitate in a grade appropriate way with their students. A principal objective is for participants to recognize potential areas for investigations around their school (e.g., outdoor classroom) and in the school’s community that their students will find engaging out of curiosity or environmental justice. The immersion for this course refers to participants engaging in an environmental investigation themselves to experience the process of acquiring citizen science data. GLOBE ( and the My NASA Data website will be primary resources for methods of investigation, lesson plans, and global environmental data. The emphasis of the course is on understanding climate change and the local environment through gathering and exploring data for the four interacting spheres of the Earth’s system: atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and pedosphere (geosphere). The investigations we will engage in will be in support of the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Standards. The connection between the outdoor activities and Open SciEd will be made. Contact with questions and course registration information.

Event Topics: Workshops

Events origin: GLOBE Implementation Office