Dr. Mullica Jaroensutasinee

Reaching Your Conclusion - IVSS tips!

When you start writing your GLOBE report for IVSS, it might be difficult because you might not sure where to start. We tend to start writing the Methods section first because it is something you did it yourselves, and it should be relatively easy and straightforward to write. Second, you should write the Results section, do graphs, tables and texts (think of a best way to present your cool data to the whole world). Third, you should start writing the Introduction stating your hypotheses and predictions. The next step would be the Discussion section. It is funny to say but as scientists, we consider this discussion part (how to reach your conclusion) would be the heart of the paper. You have to state your interpretations and opinions, explain the implications of your findings, and make suggestions for future researches. Its main function is to answer the questions posed in the Introduction, explain how the results support the answers and, how the answers fit in with existing knowledge on the topic.

Here are 7 easy steps for writing the discussion section.

1. Explain how your results relate to expectations and to the literature, clearly stating why they are acceptable and how they are consistent or fit in with previously published knowledge on the topic.

2. Address all the results relating to the questions, regardless of whether or not the findings were statistically significant. It might be a good idea to list all your findings, then discuss them point by point.

3. Defend your answers by explaining both why your answer is satisfactory and why others are not. Only by giving both sides to the argument can you make your explanation convincing.

4. Discuss any unexpected findings. This would be a fun part because a new discovery usually comes from unexpected findings.

5. Identify potential limitations and weaknesses. Sometimes we have to understanding that our results might be better if we have better equipment or measuring at different time of day or different seasons. This would be a good way to show the readers that you know your limitation and weakness.

6. Provide recommendations for further research. This would benefit to your friends who might be thinking of doing research projects.

7. Explain how the results and conclusions of this study are important and how they influence our knowledge or understanding of the problem being examined. If your results have some community impacts, please say so. It is a highlight part because it means what you do are relevant to the GLOBE community.

Remember, please write it short and sweet, concise and precise as much as possible. If you follow these suggestions, we are very sure that you are writing an awesome discussion already.

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