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GLOBE is returning to the Roof of Africa. Scientists, teachers and students are going to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for a trek to collect scientific data about the six unique mountain biomes. The expedition is a GLOBE Seasons and Biomes Project supported by the GLOBE Africa region and led by an international team of scientists.

On the Kilimanjaro trip, the team plans to look at air temperature, clouds, surface temperature, relative humidity, soil temperature, and several parameters of water on the mountain (pH, electrical conductivity and dissolved oxygen). The collected research will be uploaded to the GLOBE database. The scientists, teachers and students on the trek are collecting the data in part by using GLOBE protocols

While they will be on the mountain, teachers and students from around the world can follow along via webinar, take a guided tour online and interact with the scientists and other trek team members. Additional lessons, activities and materials are being made available as well.

Additional information, including a day-by-day Xpedition Journal, climate education resources and information about the expedition team, is available here.