This academic year, I've had the opportunity to be a key advisor for the West Virginia Climate Change Professional Development (WVCCPD) Community. WVCCPD participants engaged in the reflection of student voice's and strategies for helping them take ACTION on Climate Change. New to this year, the group has planned localized Climate Action Day actions such as forming a club to learn about...

I've had a great time teaching folks how to use the GLOBE Observer App this past month through weekly Webinars put on by the NASA IV&V ERC. Folks have seemed to really enjoy the trainings and feel more confident with identifying cloud types using the updated Clouds portal on the GLOBE Observer App! I look to continue doing these online webinars in the future!  

Starting 2020 off as a GLOBE trainer at a Climate Change event. I am very excited to be teaching WV teachers about the Carbon Cycle and its associated protocols. We will be participating in some exciting learning games also: The Carbon Travel Game and Biomass Units.