Urban Heat Island Effect: December Wrap-up and Kick-off for March

The GLOBE Urban Heat Island Student Research Campaign finished up the 2019-2020 campaign with observations from 254 sites in October with 6,688 surface temperature observations. In December, 4,248 observations were taken from 126 schools. Over 50% of the data was submitted in the last 2 weeks. This is a large increase from last year of about 150%. There are focus areas with many schools participating including the Great Lakes, Croatia, Saudi Arabia and Oman, and Taiwan. And, there are first time participants from Brazil, South Korea and India. The blog post in October had 586 views and the one in December has 152 views.

There is a lot of data that could be used in student research projects. There are focus areas in the Great Lakes, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. Is the urban heat island effect occurring in these areas? Below is a time series comparing a rural school (Shumate Middle School) and urban (Crestwood High School). 

This is a link to a nice activity developed by NASA Langley, a Story Map.


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