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Teachers: Make a Video for GLOBE Earth Day!
The GLOBE Implementation Office will celebrate Earth Day 2017 on Friday 21 April with a special Google Hangout that will feature one video from each GLOBE region. Enter your video to be the one from your region!  >>

Join Phenology Campaign for Europe and Eurasia!
Would you like to see, how a green wave of vegetation moves through Europe during the spring? Join Phenology campaign 2017 and try a brand new GrowApp. New flyer with information about the campaign is now available.  >>

Registration for the 21st GLOBE Annual Meeting is Now Open
We hope you will join us for our largest GLOBE gathering of the year in New Haven, Connecticut. Mark your calendars now for 30 July - 4 August 2017!  >>

Germany and Ghana Cooperation
Anna Heyne-Mudrich, Head of GLOBE Germany (Deutschland), visited Ghana in November -- bringing with her a new weather station for the Westphalian Senior High School Oyoko.  >>

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Accepting Pre-proposals for Hollings Grants Program
The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF) is accepting pre-proposals for its 2015 Hollings Grants program. Pre-proposals are due 22 October 2015.  >>


GLOBE Games 2017 (Czech Republic) Are Coming!
The GLOBE Program Czech Republic is pleased to announce GLOBE Games 2017. The event invites you to share results of student research projects, gain new insights and skills and initiate inter-school collaborations. GLOBE Games 2017 will take place in the Czech Republic from 11th to 14th May 2017.  >>

Track nature’s Green Wave - European Phenology Campaign 2017
Phenology campaign 2017 has already started! The campaign brings brand new GrowApp - a perfect and easy to use tool for biology and geography classes. Join the campaign and use GrowApp to observe how plants change during various seasons, make time-lapse videos and learn how plants react to climatic changes.  >>

GLOBE Hosts New Data Entry Challenge 11-17 October
GLOBE is hosting a new data entry challenge from 11-17 October 2015!  >>

Soil Moisture Measurement Campaign
To support the SMAP satellite mission, NASA has initiated a 7-month-long Soil Moisture Measurement Campaign and invites GLOBE schools to participate. The SMAP Campaign begins 1 October 2015 and will be ongoing through 30 April 2016.  >>

2015 Kilimanjaro Learning Xpedition
Since 2009, an international team of GLOBE scientists, teachers and students have been trekking to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to evaluate the evolving ecosystem of the largest freestanding mountain in the world.  >>

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