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The new school year with the GLOBE Program in Israel
On November 4, 2021, a conference was held to begin the activities of the GLOBE Program for the coming school year. More than 100 participants joined the event - teachers, school principals, supervisors and principals from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, representatives from the United States Embassy, and representatives from the GLOBE Program Europe and Eurasia.  >>

2021 Virtual Meeting of the Europe and Eurasia GLOBE Community
The spirit of collaboration and friendship was expressed continuously during the 2021 Europe and Eurasia GLOBE community virtual meeting. Altogether, 240 participants attended the sessions in the week of 04-08 October, representing twenty-nine countries from the region.  >>

GLOBE and Baltic sea project camp in Lithuania 2021
The Baltic Sea Project and GLOBE program camp took place last week. Participants from international projects, gathered in a camp in Klaipeda from all over Lithuania to get to know the nature of the Lithuanian seaside and each other better. During the three-day camp, there was no shortage of various outdoor education activities.  >>

A look back at the 2021 Spring Phenology Campaign
195 school teams from 22 countries followed green-up and carbon activities within the 2021 Spring European Phenology Campaign. See their results in examples of school projects and short videos.  >>

The Best Videos and StoryMaps of the GLOBE Water Bodies Challenge
GLOBE Students celebrated water by creating beautiful videos and StoryMaps online. The goal was to show the diversity and the significance of the water resources for the local communities. See the most wonderful rivers, lakes, springs and seashores around Europe!  >>

Annual scientific conference in Lithuania 2020
Lithuania had the seventeenth scientific students conference for GLOBE program and Baltic Sea Project participants! It is symbolic that the seventeenth conference had seventeen registered teams. So the most dedicated teachers and their students had no troubles to prepare great reports working remote, nor having exceptional weather of this year.  >>

2020 Virtual Meeting of the Europe and Eurasia GLOBE Community
This year it was the first time the Regional Meeting went online. Representatives of 32 countries joined the event  >>

Joint Collaboration with GLOBE Malta, the U.S. Embassy and Malta Embassy in the U.S.
To celebrate the GLOBE Program 25th anniversary, Earth Day, and International Environment Day, GLOBE Malta, the U.S. Embassy, and the Malta Embassy in Washington, D.C., teamed up in a joint project that highlighted U.S. and Maltese collaboration to better understand the Earth systems and the global environment.  >>

2020 Spring Tree Campaign Builds a Bridge between Malta and Israel
On 25 May, students, teachers, and country coordinators from Malta and Israel met to conclude and celebrate a four-month long collaboration that connected schools from both countries through spring tree changes observations and activities.  >>

2020 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium Conclusions
22 schools from the Europe and Eurasia region submitted their projects to the 2020 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium. One of them, the project of Tehnicka skola Daruvar, Croatia, was among the 7 projects selected by drawing to receive stipend.  >>