Special observations of airplanes and contrails are being collected by a select few as part of a pilot project the GLOBE Clouds team has been working on for a year. The project asks students to use an app that tracks aircrafts, then note if the airplane is or is not creating a contrail. The airplane tracker app suggested notes the height of the airplanes, giving the opportunity to note the altitude of the contrails if present.

The GLOBE Clouds team was able to present a first look at the data collected by students at Alpena Elementary/Middle School (Mr. Roger Rose teacher), Treadway Elementary (Dr. Caryn Smith-Long teacher), Lexington School for the Deaf (Jillian Anderson teacher), University of Toledo (Dr. Kevin Czajkowski professor), and Montverde Academy (Dr. Caryn Smith-Long teacher). Below is the poster presented at the 2019 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco, CA. Huge thank you to Dr. Helen Amos for representing the Contrail Investigations Pilot project for everyone.

If you and your students would like to participate of the pilot project, just comment below or reach out to NASA GLOBE Clouds project scientist Marilé Colón Robles by email through GLOBE or to Marile.ColonRobles at (substitute the words at with the @ symbol).


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